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Sergey Ivanovich

Candidate of Engineering Science,
Associate Professor

Klevtsov Sergey I. was born in 1957 January 23 in Solntsevo village, Kurskaya region.
In 1974 he graduated from secondary school with honor in Solntsevo village. In 1980 he graduated from Moscow Engineering Physical Institute, the College of Experimental and Theoretical Physics. From that year he was an engineer of Baksanskaya Neutron Observatory under the Institute of Nuclear Investigations AS USSR. From 1981 he worked in Taganrog Research Institute of Communications as an engineer, senior engineer, principal engineer, a head of sector. In 1993 Candidate of Engineering Science academic degree was awarded to him, and in 1996 he was given an academic status of senior staff scientist. From 1996 he has worked on the department of MPS as Associate Professor. Klevtsov S. is the author of more than 40 scientific works, he published 2 textbooks and 3 methodic textbooks, gave more than 20 reports on scientific and technical conferences.

Scientific preferences: methods and facilities for modelling the development of crisis situations and complex technical-organizational structures conduct in conditions of destabilizing factors and all types of restrictions effects. Development of intelligence informational systems of monitoring and functioning of technical-organizational subjects control.

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