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Sergey Alexeyevich

Candidate of Engineering Science,
Associate Professor

Sinyutin S. was born in 1957 October 20 in Neksikan village Susumanskiy district Magadan region.

In 1979 he graduated from TREI with honor on the specialty 0705 "Designing and Production of Radio Electronics". In 1977 he began to work in SDO "Mius", and in 1981 moved in the branch of the department of Computer Engineering and Theoretical Basis of Cybernetics (CE&TBC). In 1985 he defended the Ph. D. thesis of candidate of engineering science, and in 1992 entered the doctoral courses of TSURE, in 1996 he received the academic degree of Doctor of Engineering Science. From 1996 he has worked on the department of MPS in TSURE as Associate Professor. Sinyutin S. is the author of more than 50 scientific papers and reports, about 10 methodic books and textbooks. He took part in 3 International exhibitions (in 2 abroad). Sinyutin S. took part in software development for DCS (digital calculator systems) "Intar — 274", "Intar — 475". In 1999 the hardware and software complex "Karmin", built with his participation, got Ministry of Health of RF certificate.

Scientific preferences: digital electrophysiological signal processing. Creation of expert diagnostic system.

Разработано выпускником магистратуры ЮФУ